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how to pick up sweet gum balls

Yippee!! We recommend the Bag-A-Nut Mini™ Sweet Gum Ball Harvester for harvesting one to two trees. You are supposed to just roll it over the nut or whatever you want to pick up. "For people who are concerned about its safety, it is very safe," Mulligan said. Or better yet consider all the squats and the exercise your back side will get. Here are the materials needed: They stick together and work great in holding the soil on my erosion prone sloping yard. Clean Up. The round fruit balls are produced from fertilized flowers. Fortunately, there is another option to chopping down your Sweet Gum tree. I Used what I have an abundance of---Sweet Gum Balls. For a large quantity of trees, you could go with either the 36" Push or the 36" Pull-Behind. Now I just have to pay my neice and Grandaughter to pick them up for me!! Learn how to pick them up and make use of them. This time of year, the Sweet Gum trees change color and are quite pretty. This is a guide about buying sweet gum balls. Does not pick up acorns or pecans. There is no need to rake, but rather you simply push the Bag-A-Nut along and empty the basket when you are done. Don't cut the tree down, just use a Bag-A-Nut to pick up those pesky spiky balls! Sweet gum trees may reach heights from 80 to 150 feet, and they may spread to 45 feet wide. The Bag-A-Nut 18" Push Sweet Gum Ball Harvester Bag-A-Nut has your sweet gum ball removal solution! If the sweet gum balls actually burn, even if it is quickly, I'd be tempted to try using them for kindling or just as a occasional boredom remedy. Because of the landscaping raking is out of the question and picking them up by hand is time consuming. Orange-brown and with sharp, short spines, they litter lawns and sidewalks, making a nuisance and potential safety hazard. nut picker, nut roller, gum ball picker, nut picker-upper, basket nut tool, nut grabber, yard roller, walnut roller, nut tool, walnut rake, nut collector, acorn rake, sweet gum ball rake, and acorn gatherer. As a monoecious plant, a sweet gum bears male and female flowers. Sweet gum fruits are spiky green balls that turn brown through winter and fall to the ground November through May. I'd do it like I pick up walnuts. For instance, yesterday I finally looked up ‘tree with spiky balls.’ Yeah, I giggled a little inside at the search terms. My Stihl BR 600 blow's them right up. Like the pine tree has pine cones, the sweet gum tree has gum balls. The tree grows in every environment except tropical rainforests. Nov 28, 2012 - Our dried sweetgum pods are great for sweetgum ball crafts, sweet gum pod wreaths and ornaments too! pick up all the surrounding gum ball pods. Extra-Large BGE Hatched 12-2010, Custom Assassin 28 in Cayenne Red Pearl 9-2015, Blackstone 36" SS Griddle 10-2015, Char-Broil Big Easy Ordered 11-2016 Bag-A-Nut makes picking up Sweet Gum Balls much easier. Dec 27, 2018 - How to Pick Up Sweet Gum Tree Balls and Then Use Them. I saw something advertised called "the nut wizard" that is supposed to pick up nuts and even gum balls. SKU: A6001 UPC: 799705693579 After seeing these I will never ever have this tree on my property. Now I have a great use for the pesky sweetghum balls that are all over my front yard! Put them in the bucket (With gloves , of course). Everything from a ¼” in diameter, all the way up to the diameter of a tennis ball won’t stand a chance. However, the search is long overdue; we’ve taken hundreds of walks in our neighborhood and have run into the same patches of ‘spiky balls’ countless times. Get 'em while they are fresh! Once the Sweet Gum Balls are off your property the possibilities are endless. Then I remember what lies beneath, waiting for its prey. This sweet gum ball picker offers a 8" clearing path for faster clean-up. Some units have a chipper mechanism to aid with composting. They are about $50 and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using it. PICK UP A VARIETY OF NUTS AND OBJECTS – the large nut gatherer pick up objects 1 ½“ to 3” in size such as walnuts, Sweet gum balls, Magnolia seed/flower heads and even small fruits. The Australian eucalyptus got the name “Gum Tree” because much sticky sap came from any cuts to the bark. It can be used by a homeowner but hiring a certified arborist might be a better solution. There are also the Mini Sweet Gum Ball Harvester, the 12" Classic Flip-Up Sweet Gum Harvester, and the 18" Sweet Gum Ball Push Harvester for a decent amount of trees and land. Push the Bag-A-Nut over the spiky sweet gum balls and watch them go away! Snipper is an injectable product that de-balls a sweetgum. For the best chance of stopping the sweetgum balls, hire a certified arborist . No rakes, no expensive lawn vacuums, just a Bag-A-Nut. Look up Sweet Gum trees on the internet. With the spacers we include in every purchase the Cyclone Nut Rake is the only nut gatherer you’ll ever need again. This means that only one tree is needed for the flowers to be pollinated, and a single tree can produce the spiky fruits even when another sweet gum tree is not in sight. I pick up the Large Nut Wizard straight up from the factory. Simply push the sweeper and watch as those pesky sweet gum balls get picked up in minutes. Most lawn mower vacuum systems get clogged up with the sweet gum balls, and a standard mower fires them out the sides of the mower deck. I'm looking for a leaf vacuum that can pick up and mulch the balls that fall off the tree. Jan 11, 2015 - Explore Janelle Hicks's board "sweet gum balls" on Pinterest. You can call it a workout. EASY TO OPERATE – To use, simply roll over any surface with back-and-force motion. I started consolidating them every spring around the exposed roots, stamp them into the ground and then just cover them over with shredded mulch and plant vinca. Engineered the Bag-A-Nut mini™ to pick up as effectively as our larger models, with a bit less pick up area, at a more affordable price. Our largest Sweet Gum Ball Picker offers two easy lift-out baskets and a wide-base for cleaning up larger yards. In fact I haven't found much of anything it wouldn't blow up. Don't cut down your sweet gum trees or spend a ton of money on a lawn vacuum. It is always sensible to use your hands and pick them up. I just moved into a house and inherited a sweet gum tree. Barney Kohout of demonstrates how to remove gum balls from sweet gum trees. : CALIDAKA Nut Gatherer Garden Rolling Nut Harvester Elasticity Pecan Picker Nut Collector Handheld, Picks Up Walnuts, Sweet Gum Balls, Small Acorns, Nuts, Buckeyes Balls, Pecans, Crab Apples : Garden & Outdoor Mulligan said he is recommending the product to any sweet gum owner tired of cleaning up sweet gum balls from a yard. While on my trip I have discovered a most horrible tree: the Sweet Gum. I decided to read up more on the evils of gum balls and discovered, … See more ideas about sweet gum, sweet gum tree crafts, pine cone crafts. Sit with legs open on a five gallon bucket. If you are one of many unlucky owners of a sweet gum tree, then you're probably frustrated with the sweet gum pods or "gum balls" that are impossible to pick up, damaging to a lawn mower, and generally annoying. I gave up cleaning up all the seed balls from my huge sweet gum years ago. The American sweet gum tree, Liquidambar styraciflua, grows in eastern woodlands from southern Connecticut to northern Illinois to Texas to central Florida. For a moment (just a moment), I consider how much I enjoy them. Another alternative for you is to cut down the offending tree and plant a fruitless sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Rotundiloba’) in its place. The harvester clears an 18" wide path for faster clean-up. Well, there are no effective tools and equipment that propose to help you in picking up the gum balls. Please Watch our updated Bag-A-Nut pick up Pine Cones HERE: The video currently playing shows … Bag-A-Nut plucks the sweet gum balls out of the grass like magic. Native across much of eastern North America, the sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) produces hundreds of golf ball-sized seed pods or capsules annually. It also had uses for the manufacture of medicine and it’s wood is still used to make furniture and jewelry boxes. A sure way to kill a gum tree is to girdle it. How to Get a Sweetgum Tree to Stop Producing Balls Getting back to Ashley’s question, using injections on your sweetgum tree is tricky because the timing has to be just right. The trunk of a mature gum … A frustrated sweet gum tree owner recently sent me and e-mail which he sent to his tree after spending another spring day picking up an endless number of sweet gum balls. You would only have to step on one of them bare-footed one time and you would never forget what they are! They are small round balls with sharp spikes all around them. Although many homeowners dislike the seed pods dropped by sweet gum trees, others use them in gardening and crafts. After gathering your sweet gum balls, sort and count them. The question on how to pick up sweet gum tree monkey balls remains a mystery for all those who have racked their brains over and over again. I do not have any pinecones around so I thought the annoying sweet gum balls work just as well. It looks like a round wire ball on the end of a stick. I helped the b-n-l cut down a sweet gum tree about three years ago because he didn't like picking up the balls. I'm told that it gives wonderful shade in the summer, but right now there are sticky, spiky, hard, evil gum balls everywhere - yards, driveways, roads, gutters, sidewalks. Capacity is approximately 1½ gallon. You might want to instead use a self-propelled or pull-behind lawn vacuum or a nut pickup machine for picking up the spiky fruit. Now he just has to pick up … I buy at their best volume pricing. Make the investment and save time and your back.

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